Monday, September 20, 2010

I am an idiot....Part Deux *sigh* this is me


Because at the moment, my internet cables at the house look pretty similar to this....
Courtesy of


Because apparently I am spatially challenged and can't figure out how far away from the fucking satellite internet pole I need to be when I am mowing.  Or if  you prefer....because I am an idiot AGAIN. (1) *sigh*

So my exemplary mowing skills have left me without internet at the house, so I doubt there will be much in the way of posting this week.  I'll have internet when I am at the office (like now), so I will be able to torture everyone off and on in comments until it's fixed but actually being able to post...well you guys are just out of luck for the time being.  (2)

When will it be fixed?  Who the hell knows.  We are supposed to get a phone call from the fix-it type people within 3-5 business days to set the fix-it appointment.  If it's anything like the quote I wanted to get so we could get the basement project back on track.............I'll still be waiting 4 weeks from now.

(1) - Or is it still?  I am absolutely losing track!

(2) - So sue me for not being able to concentrate when a train goes through town and sounds like it's going to plow through the door of the office imminently - which I might add...said door is like....RIGHT in spit ball distance away without the straw.

Internet challengedly yours =-p

Jewell  =)  xo


YogaSavy said...

Just wanted to say hello. Taking a breather before I get back to mountains where there is no internet.

If I had a blog... said...

Maybe...and I'm just could put a coat hanger and aluminum foil hat on the dog, have him run around the yard...and maybe pick up a wireless signal from one of your neighbors...just saying.

Hope you are back online soon!


Jenn said...

Oh no!! Sorry to hear that...I know nothing of Satellite internet poles...but aren't the cables supposed to be buried or something so you don't hit them?


If it is any consolation, Toshiba has had my laptop for over a week now. It is getting repaired. I am beginning to wonder if they will ever figure out how to fix it??

Cheers, Jenn.

CntryJewell said...

Savira - thanks for stopping by! I am so sorry I wasn't able to give you a giggle on your escape back to the internet....hope your classes are going well and your adventures are keeping you enlightened!

Ron - I'm pretty sure that she would be about as useful at running around trying to catch an internet for me as she is with her guarding duties!

Jenn - awwww....Girl, I can totally relate! I never send computers out anymore. The last time I did that I sent a business computer and the bloody thing came back with a completely new hard drive (no - I did not make backups) when the reason it was sent in was because the fan was going to shit. Hope yours comes back better than new!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

OMG! You muppet! Awww..... I'm sorry to hear that we won't be getting regular blogs posts, but I hope that it is fixed soon.... good luck with it !