Monday, August 2, 2010

Mugshot Monday 8/2/10

Well my appears that hard times have befallen all of us. The good, the bad, and the ugly! Apparently it just couldn't be avoided any longer.

I mean seriously...when the Wicked Witch hits rock's not a pretty sight.  *shakes head in mock sadness*  Who could possibly be next?

May your day be oodles and oodles better than hers!

Jewell  =)


Jenn said...
She gives new meaning to wicked witch of the west for sure. (Not sure if she does that old broad any justice...after all Margaret Hamill was as nice in person as you could get. LMAO).

CntryJewell said...

LOL - I know, right? =)

The Conservative Mom said...

Thanks for finding and following my blog - glad you like it...we are indeed living in interesting times. I'm with you - I don't like political parties. Though I now lean very heavily Libertarian, I am a defacto Repub cause my state makes me. I am proudly, though, an actively recovering Dem. All that matters is freedom.
Love your blog too!

CntryJewell said...


I am honored that you have taken time out to visit my blog. =)

I have to say, that next to someone being a recovering lawyer, a recovering democrat is probably the best thing I've heard all day! =) lol Thanks for the laugh...and I wish you well with your recovery! =)