Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doing business in The Middle of Nowhere

You know, I grew up in a small town in IL.  Well, actually I lived outside of town somewhere between a corn field, a soy bean field, and the local pig farm.  (1)  I graduated (2) with the majority of the people that I went to Kindergarten with.  The biggest thing was the local carnival every summer, and how big we could get our hair to stay standing up in the heat, humidity, running, riding, and general foolishness of teenagers.  We had no stop light.  We had no fast food restaurants.  We had one gas station.  The biggest thing to do on a Friday night was to drive up and down the main drag in town or go to the roller skating rink.  And if you said one thing wrong about your mother or skipped class, you were assured of her smacking you upside the head the second your shadow crossed the door jamb.  (3)

Oh well, that should give you a good idea of the environment that I grew up in.  So after receiving my diploma er my napkin I went to the big city north of town to go to the local Junior College.  That was a bit of a culture shock, but I adjusted well enough, moved out from there and down to the 4 yr school at the more southern end of the state.  After school I moved out of IL to live with the guy I met (now the husband him) on the burgeoning internet (4) in Las Vegas, NV.

Going from the middle of nowhere, to somewhere, and back to the middle of nowhere tends to put a shock in the system.  I mean really, even after all this time being back in the midwest (6 years this October), it's a bit of a shock the way business is conducted around these parts.

No STILL Not Me (7)
A couple years ago we had a water problem (5) in our basement that required that we pull everything out.  Doing so has given us a chance to remodel, and though the project has been in a perpetual state of remodel we are finally getting back into the swing of things.  When we first moved in, the telephone company guy gave us the name and number of a local electrician he trusted to come and install more electrical outlets and run the new phone lines into the house.  So we called him, he did, and we were grateful.  Now though we are putting walls into the basement so it's not one big space and we need to modify the outlets so that they will work with drywall.  (6)

So the son of the guy that handled the original install came out tonight to find out what we wanted so that he could work out a quote for us.  As it turns out the son also does construction work and is able to do drywall install (8) for the walls.   Win / Win   In the end the REAL upside is that the husband him and I won't kill each other dealing with this project. (9)

So, if you have never lived in the middle of nowhere, here's how doing business tends to work.
  • The son, JM, comes over, and we shoot the general shit, go downstairs and go through the things that we would like him to quote on.  
  • We shoot the shit, he asks us some questions and we answer them.  
  • Then we shoot the shit, and I think of a question that I had wanted to ask about.  
  • Shocker!  We shoot the shit more, and then we go out to the garage to try and come up with a way to keep the mice from coming into my little closet I have in the basement, and we shoot the shit some more. 

Well, you should get the drift.  The key thing I forgot about doing business in the middle of nowhere...patience!! 

I think the sum total time it took us to outline the things we wanted a quote on...10 minutes of give and take between the 3 of us.  Total time it took him to spend here...about an hour.  Total number of buckets of shit needing to be removed to a compost pile in someone else's yard...ten.

(1) - The trauma of growing up with THAT smell, in the heat of summer, down wind, day or night..... Well it actually probably explains a lot about the way that my brain skips, creaks, sparks, fizzles, pops, wheezes....*squeal*    

(2) - Yes it's true, I did in fact graduate.   Shocking!  I know!   They were so desperate to get rid of me that they just scribbled my diploma on a napkin and shoved me across the stage. 

(3) - My bell is still ringing....*blush*

(4) - This was about the same time that there was guy in the Chicagoland area meeting girls via the internet (which I might add isn't the internet it is today), killing them, and burying them in the back yard.  My parents were soooooo thrilled?  =)  *snort*

(5) - Yeah...a water's more like Hurricanes Gustav and Ike completely skipped water and gushed into my basement.  Louisiana? The Gulf?  Nah - what say we go drench The Middle of Nowhere in Missouri!  Sheesh!

(6) - Because putting them behind the drywall, while a much easier and cheaper solution not real conducive to actually plugging things in.  *shrug*  Yeah - I am picky like that. Sue me!  =-p

(7) - And really, how could you have possibly thought that could have been me?  I mean, I know I am mental *eyeballs Annie*, but really, who the fuck is really ever that happy to go up a freaking ladder?  Me?  Not only know, but hell no, thank you very much!  =-p

(8) - The thought of doing that job myself, frankly, was giving me hives.  Now don't get me wrong I am a DIYer where possible.  I hate having to rely on people to do something the way that I want it, in the time frame that I want it done - yes, I have control freak tendencies don't judge me!  =-p  Not only that, but it also tends to cost me less $$$ when I do it myself ... I'm a pro money saving where possible!  =)

(9) - Let me stress...THIS project!  There is always a project going on at some point where we are just this |.| far way from committing 1st degree murder and paving our way to the chair and a final meal.  =)

Now where is my damned hammer???  *sigh*

Jewell  =)



SciFiChick said...

You mean they don't do business like this everywhere?

CntryJewell said...

lol - hardly! =) In them thar big cities...they just give you lots and lots of exotic birds without the softball wedged into their lip! =)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Mental eyeballs? You cheeky git! I've been called Googly Googly in the past, but never that. I take it as a compliment of course *wink*.

Shit, if I had had to put up with those guys I would have probably ended up accidentally slugging them with a drainpipe.....!

CntryJewell said...

Me?! Cheeky? Nah.... You must be confused Annie! =) lolol At least I'm not so cheeky that I threaten to beat them with a piece of PVC pipe! =) lolol


If I had a blog... said...

Jewell - this post made me misty eyed. I grew up in rural Ontario and there weren't 3000 people in the entire county. Buckets of poo from conversation was the chief export in that area. A different life and a different pace...I kinda miss it.

Best of luck with your projects.


CntryJewell said...

Doh! I didn't really mean for the post to change the humidity for you up there in MI! =)

It is something, oddly enough, that you tend to miss when it's not there. Living in Vegas I starved for it. When we would take a long weekend and drive up to a small town in CO it was like a breath of fresh air to have people wave a real wave instead of a myriad of birds, or just talk to you to talk.

However, I have to say that the amount of shit produced around here rivals even what I grew up with! =)