Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bitch slap commencing in .... 3 .... 2 ....

This is a rant.  It isn't pleasant, but is toned down as far as I am interested in toning it down.  If a bitch and vulgarity bothers you....exiting now is advisable.  =)  Don't say I didn't warn you!
Is it so wrong to get so irritated, worked up, and just plain pissed off so early in the year at politics, politicians, and our whole entire political and governmental bullshit?  I mean really, when I was growing up I don't remember there being such a constant barrage of "He Sucks!", "No, he sucks AND blows!", "She's a bitch!"

And the signs!!!  All the freaking political signs.  Here's my sign for politicians and politics in general.
Then recently there was this barrage idiocy on Fox News.

I don't really like Democrats.  I don't really like Republicans.  Why?  THEY ARE POLITICIANS.  During the entire exchange above...this is pretty much all I heard....dualling....
It's quite shocking that, throughout that entire exchange, there wasn't any bodily harm done with the amount of finger pointing going on!  My mother always taught me never to point....her reasoning?   It's rude!  I would like to append that it's not only rude, but OBNOXIOUS and CHILDISH!  All those fingers flying and not a single one was the right one - shit! They can't even get basic sign language right!!!

Here's my philosophy...it's simple really.  I mean I am a simple woman, raised on Midwestern common sense.  It's a philosophy that is so universal it can be applied to both sides of the aisle, regardless of state, sex, creed, race, age, religious affiliation, etc....
Your thoroughly pissed of, disenchanted, fed up constituent.

Jewell  >=-{


Felinae said...

WooHoo! Jewells!
Great post!


CntryJewell said...

Thank you Fel!


Jenn said...

Ha ha! Yeah I am so with you on this one!!

I am so sick of it myself...because all the finger pointing and name calling and shouting doesn't do a damn thing but raise someone's blood pressure.

At some point they should fire every last one of them...from the president on down and start over with real people who would actually work for the astronomical amount of money we pay the elected bozos every year.

CntryJewell said...

LOL @Jenn I hear ya. I have had that thought many times myself.

The sad thing...locally there is a guy running for something or other (I don't even pay attention anymore) and his current occupation is actually an auctioneer. Sad thing? He looks and sounds like Larry Flint... *sigh*