Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You - need to be - fired!!

Stupid people are always good fodder for my abuse, but people who hate their jobs ROCK!  (1)

Here's why....

So Wal-mart was calling my name on Sunday, and, being that my lazy "I'll do it later" side was in full swing, I decided to go with the flow.  (2)

I get done with my shopping and, as is customary, I go stand in line.  (3)  Finally, I manage to get to the register to check out, but I made the mistake of using a gift card I had received for my birthday.  (4)  After a lot of drama trying to get the register/computer to recognize the card, she turns away from me (and the rest of the line of people behind me) and starts talking to one of her co-workers about why her car, or something on her car, would lock up.

Ummm...hello?  *mentally waving*  Still standing here.  Still waiting to get the leftover amount on my bill paid. Yooo hooo?  (5)  Just then I catch something out of the corner of my eye.  I look over at the little window that is supposed to tell you how much you are indebted to them for...  "Waiting for CSM" "Waiting for CSM." "Waiting for CSM.." "Waiting for CSM..."  Oh!  *sigh*

Up walks the CSM, puts her key in the machine, punches 3 buttons, removes the key and leaves without so much as a look at me or at the gal that was out and out ignoring me.  I pay the rest of the bill and mentally fly the bird at the woman who just handled my transaction.  Let's hope Ms Sunshine doesn't get into nursing anytime soon....

(1) - Yes ROCK!  Because it simply means that I just have another target to flog willy nilly. (b)
    (b) - Yes, I did just say "willy nilly"...bite me!  =-p

(2) - Actually it was because of an evil hummingbird conspiracy! They were running out of rations in the feeders, and they somehow knew that the rations in the house were just as pathetically low.  So they brainwashed me.  They made me think that a trip to Wally World for some more sugar on their behalf was life or death...GO NOW NOW NOW!  Honest!

(3) - A line long enough that Rip Van Winkle would have still been young enough to dance a jig.  No wonder there are snacks and drinks conveniently located at the beginning of the checkout lanes.  I think it's a conspiracy!

(4) - You wouldn't think that this was a big deal, and yet the cashier acted like I was giving her pennies for a $90 bill that she had to stand there and count.  

(5) - At this point I have a shrill whistle screeching through my head.  I mean S to the H to the RILL!  So shrill that it could not only wake the dead, but bring an army of dead dogs running at attention.  Enough so I made myself wince. 

Keep smiling they will wonder what you are up to!  =)



Felinae said...

LOL! OMG! that's what that noise was that I was hearing on Sunday, now I know.

Dontcha' just love when they do that, act like you are wasting their time? LOL!

Thanks for the giggles and the mental images :D

CntryJewell said...

LOL Umm...yeah...I hope I didn't pop a mental ear drum! =) hehe

And you are very welcome! =)


If I had a blog... said...

Great post! I think I heard the sound as well. I am probably several hundred miles away from you and both of my dogs sat at the window Sunday howling at the sky :)


CntryJewell said...

LOL - I am fairly certain that everyone is probably several hundred miles away from me! =)

See...it's a good thing you didn't let the dogs out on Sunday - they probably would have ended up at my Walmart! =)