Friday, July 2, 2010

Today # 1: First Things First....

Ok...this weekend being what it is lends itself to a bit of sobriety on my part (in at least one of today's posts).

I am not a conservative, I am not a liberal. I am not a democrat, I am not a republican.

What I am, and what I am proudly, without question, doubt, or reserve is a woman who loves her country devoutly and passionately.  Who, regardless of how old she gets, still weeps at the sound of a well sung anthem.  Who's heart swells at the sight of our beautiful flag flying on a bright sunny day; to me there is no more beautiful sight.  Love of my country can not be credited to politicians of any ilk.  Rather my devotion, adoration, and pride can wholeheartedly be ascribed to those, past and present, who have served and protected our country at great risk to themselves and their loved ones.

The essence of who I am can be summed up rather simply, really.  I am a an insanely proud American!  

So thank you, to all of our military, past and present.  Thank you to our military families for what they endure in the name of God and Country.

May everyone have a wonderful, and safe holiday!

Jewell  =)

Note:  The photos in this post are mine and were taken this year in Washington DC.  I took hundreds of flag photos so I am not sure where the first one actually was taken, but the second picture was taken at Arlington National Cemetary.

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