Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things that make you go ... hmmmmm

I don't tend to think of myself as the peevish sort (1).  I mean I'm still only thirty *cough* *sniffle*.  It would be a little much to assume that I've lived long enough to work peevish into my playlist.  Yet, there are some things that just irritate the CRAP out of me. (2)  Here...let me list just some of them for you:  (3)
  • Celebrities that aren't celebrities.
  • Idiot politicians
  • Celebrities that are celebrities
  • People who can't own up to their own stupidity
  • People are stupid enough to have done something to own up to
  • People who lie
  • People who protect people who lie
  • Lawyers (recovering lawyers are exempted from this list)
  • Idiot politicians
  • People who try to infringe on my life and my rights 
  • Reality shows that are not anyone's reality that I'm aware of
  • People who intentionally hurt others
  • People who intentionally hurt others who are innocent and minding their own business
  • People who intentionally hurt children (there is a special place in hell for these so the least I can do is give them their own listing)
  • Russian spies who look like Playboy models
Ok, well that should be enough to give you an idea on my thought process.  I am sure that there is more that I could add to the list, and yet I'm sure at some point I'll discover something else that can whipped out to show you.  *wink wink*

Here's something else that tends to bug the ever loving shit out of me.  Here are some numbers to bounce around in your cranium for a moment....
               Col 1                           Col 2
          $99,737,626              $65,000,000
          $52,950,356              $55,000,000
          $42,410,581              $45,000,000
          $39,000,000              $40,000,000
          $35,000,000              $40,000,000
          $34,750,000              $35,000,000
          $31,262,500              $30,000,000
          $28,937,500              $28,000,000
          $28,500,000              $28,000,000
          $27,000,000              $27,000,000

No, these are not the numbers of the lottery winnings for the last 20 years.  No, this is in no way related to the amount of debt that our government has (or hasn't) accrued over the last 20 years.  No, it's not the amount of money that I owe on my credit cards (4).

I had actually considered making this into a quiz, but it would be entirely too easy for someone to copy and paste the numbers into Google to figure out what these are attached to.  So here is the answer...
---- The numbers in Column 1 : These are the 2009 salaries for the top 10 highest paid athletes (source)
---- The numbers in Column 2 : These are the 2009 salaries for the top 10 highest paid actors (source)

It's all because of "King James" and the big hulabaloo surrounding his impending announcement that caused me to look all this up. When I start hearing that his take with the new team could be upwards of a billion in  salary, winnings, and blood boils.  What is he going to do with that kind of money?  Buy another house?  Buy the girlfriend(s) any number of new baubles?  Buy another car? (5) 

I think if the Queen of England (and thereby her immediate family) can take pay cuts, I think some of these people need to do the same, and the $$$$$$ that they would have earned from these teams or moving picture companies should be donated to help fix bigger problems that would benefit the lives of their fellow humans like the lovely and resilient people in the Gulf who are getting beat up again.  Or, how about helping the charities that help our military veterans, who have paid multiple prices, to allow them the chance to do what they do for such inane amounts of money.

It only seems fair to me....

(1) - Fun loving...kinda.  Compassionate...absolutely.  Bitchy....thank you, I've worked hard to cultivate that one.  Peevish - nah....not so much, but I'm working on it a little each day. =)

(2) - Ok FINE!!!  There are things out there absolutely piss me off; to the point where spitting fire is a possibility and embarrassing one of our fine sailors with the artistry of my cussing in inevitable.

(3) - Depending on the moment, the person involved, and / or the flagrance of the offense these might shift in priority so these are not listed in any particular order.

(4) - *peering over shoulder to make sure that the husband him isn't watching me type up this post*

(5) - He's 6'8"...I'm pretty sure he's already bought every vehicle known to man that he could actually fit into.

Ok, off to pay a credit card bill or 2 before the husband him knows that this has been posted   =)


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If I had a blog... said...

I like and agree with the list, except that idiot politicians is redundant. The only addendum I would make that might change things is that all persons running for office must 1. Fully understand and sincerely represent the true needs of their constituency, and as an emotional and physical deposit, pass through a gauntlet of sticks, switches and fists and at the end keep the promise of selfless representation…good luck with that.

Be well,