Friday, July 16, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does... =)

I am constantly surprised by the stupidity of people.  You would think that I could get used to it by now.

I had to make a trip to the grocery store today.  Generally an uneventful visit, except today of course.  (1)  Even though we are out in the middle of nowhere, our grocery stores are technologically advanced enough to actually have those nifty moving belts.  You know, the ones where we load our groceries onto it so that cashier can scan and bag the groceries for us at the other end.  So I dumped my stuff on the belt, and noticed a handwritten note taped up next to the register that read:

"Please do not put money on the belt." 

Seriously?  You actually have to spell out for people that the belt that hauls the groceries from one end to the other will EAT something as NON bulky as their money??  Needless to say I ended up laughing hysterically (2) while the cashier looked at me like I had started talking to her in backwards pig-latin!!!  When I explained I was laughing at the note, it was all she could do to be a good and sober employee and not join me in my hysterics.  We proceeded to spend the next couple of minutes talking about the stupidity of people. (3)  In doing so, we couldn't avoid the need to share our grief over Common Sense.

If you didn't know C.S. please read this.  It's an oldie but a goodie, and it's definitely worth the read. (4)

(1) - Or, really, why I would I be boring you with the tale now?  =)

(2) - In fact, I laughed so hard I almost actually snorted out loud.  =-o

(3) - In the code of good service employees that can talk about idiot customers so that management can't tell you are insulting idiot customers in front of them.

(4) - Thank you Ms Lori Borgman for a fantastic tribute to someone so loved and yet so under used, and undervalued!

Happy Friday!

Jewell  =)

PS - I am going to be working on finishing the setup of my other blog and maybe get a couple of posts up this weekend.  This one is going to be a little more serious and is going to be more a chronicle of my paranormal / metaphysical/spiritual adventures.  The husband him and I have interesting experiences around the house that we can't find explanations for so it will cover those as well as my spiritual development of trying to become a medium.  I am sure there will be other things that I think of writing there, but that is the core plan at the moment.  =)  If anyone is interested in following the new blog, post me a comment to let you know the URL through facebook.  Or, if we aren't friends on facebook, leave your email address so I can send you an email.  Comments on this blog are moderated so I promise not to post the comments with your email addresses.


Felinae said...

Hiya Jewell,

Common Sense? are you kidding me, that would too difficult for most people today.

I get giddy at work when a day goes by when somebody doesn't ask me where the cookies are.

Seriously, sometimes they are standing right in front of them and ask, "don't you sell cookies?" I say, while smiling, "yes they are in the case right here" :D

While my inner evil voice is saying "you dumb shit, wtf are you frikkin' blind! you are right in front of them!!" (I wear a tilted, tarnished halo that is held up by tiny horns)

Oh and yes, I would love to follow the other blog. Catman and I have similar experiences and I am always interested in reading others.


CntryJewell said...

LOL - so you know the code of which I speak then! =) LOL The lady's face was priceless once she realized what had tickled my funny bone! =)

I'll make sure to send you a note when I get the other blog up and running! =)

xoxo {Fel}

If I had a blog... said...

On the other hand, sometimes the signs are smarter than the customer. My son owned a bar in Chicago and until the city-wide smoking ban took care of the problem permanently there was an issue in the men’s room that prompted my son to hang a sign which read “Please do not leave cigarette butts in the urinals. We WILL make you re-light them – Thank you." It solved the problem.

Have a great day,

CntryJewell said...

LOL - ok, well I can safely say that "Ewww!" was pretty much my first and only reaction! =)

K. Morris said...

What's that saying about common sense.... It's the only thing that everyone thinks they have enough of, and yet the vast majority always seem to be lacking.

I would love to check out your new blog as well. I can relate to the subject as well, and appreciate new insights and conversations.

CntryJewell said...

Hi K. =) Thanks for stopping by AND for commenting! What a kick to see someone new! =-)

I will make sure to keep you in the loop when I get things up and running finally. Had a wedding to go to this past week so it's managed to throw a wrench in things for a while! Now that it's out of the way we'll see if I can't finally get the silly thing up and running.

Thanks again for stopping by!! =)