Thursday, July 29, 2010

OMG - commercials gone idiotic

Ok, I watch A LOT of TV.  Way more than the average person probably.  Way more than is probably healthy for my brain cells. (1)

As such, I have seen a lot of commercials.  Some funny (2), some weird, some serious, some really, really good, and some really, really bad.  Luckily I can say there are very few out that really kind of creep me the hell out!  Yet I must have found at least one (3) or else what would be the point of this post, right?!  *wink*

Example #1

I hate this for any number of reasons.  First off, I really could care less if he and Mr Willy had a disagreement for which Mr Willy has decided to be permanently removed from the relationship.

Next, I get a little creeped out at the thought that I would ever actually see this man on the street. (4)  Should this actually be something that occurred out in there in the middle of nowhere Missouri, it's a pretty safe bet I would fall over dead on the street.  (5)

Thirdly, I lived in Las Vegas.  I worked in Las Vegas. (6)  There are lots of buildings that have those dark reflective glass panels on them.  Normal people might think that those types of windows are for shielding the inside of the buildings from the wicked evil rays of sun that beat you down until you have nothing left, and no energy to find something new, and find yourself at the slot machines dumping nickle after nickle trying to hit the BIG one...........................................  *ehh-hem*  ...I digress...  Anywho, the abnormal people (7) believe that those windows are for their vanity.  You would not believe the things that people would do to themselves in those reflections.  Umm - HELLO!  People actually work on the other side of those windows and have to watch you pick your nose, study it from every feasible angle (8) and then stuff in your mouth like you forgot desert.  Seriously folks!  *gag*  DAMN!


Anyway!  The other such commercial that creeps me out is....

Example #2

This isn't the precise commercial that I see locally, and yet it's close enough to give you a rough idea.  In my local spot the following question is posed ....  "How does this 67-Year Old Doctor have the body of a 30-year-old?"

Yeah.  It's called Photoshop! (9)  REALLY?!

(1) - Which I think is sufficiently evidenced by the discussions I have with myself all of you on this blog.

(2) - See this post - I still laugh as hard when I see it now as I did the first time I saw it.

(3) - Yeah...actually there are 2 of them...lucky suckers...errrrr - stalkers I mean

(4) - Highly unlikely I know..and yet the thought lingers like a rash...ooooor, a limp, pissed off willy

(5) - Thereby depriving all of you loyal readers of the event and the Maxine style comments that would ensue.

(6) - Oh just shuddap!  =-p  Haven't you heard?  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

(7) - Which would be 90+% of the population of the city....and yes I speak from experience!

(8) - And even find new angles that never existed before because you are one of the abnormal  

(9) - Douche!  Why do people buy into this crap!  Oh, and BTW - I'm still waiting on proof that he's a REAL doctor! *rolls eyes*

Doin' it the hard way since 1970-something!

Jewell  =)


Jordan said...

Great post! Love the blog! I found you from Blog Farm's Facebook feed

CntryJewell said...

Hi Jordan! =) Thanks for visiting, reading & commenting!!! =) How exciting to have another stalker! =)

Jenn said...

Well...I've never seen that second commercial...but the top creeps me out too. The guy looks...I don't know...plastic-like or something...and I really don't want to be the one to invade his thoughts on that topic...but the does give you an insider stuff ready or not! LOL. These were great!

CntryJewell said...

Jenn! =) Glad to see you found your way over to this blog! =)

You are right, it's not like the topics aren't creepy enough, but the guys...well...creepy fits we'll leave it at that! =)

That first one though just reminds me of all the things that I (and my office mates) would be subjected to when someone was so busy focusing on themselves in the reflections. LOL We definitely saw stuff people should never be subjected to at work! =)