Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Because of my work I am forever and constantly shackled (1) to the world of the news.  It therefore means I am forced to be subjected to the inane, as well as the insane, that goes on in our planet; both inside and outside of the sphere of politics.

There are quite a few times during the course of an hour, let alone the day, week, month, year, etc where I can't help but wonder how the world got so crazy.  Maybe it's always been this crazy.  Maybe I am just getting older (2) and wiser (3).  Maybe it's just that I believe that our world could maybe benefit more from a little bit of this kind of crazy...

As opposed to this kind of crazy....

 So today's insanity informed me that something as simple as this....

...can be considered assault.

REALLY?  Come on, you mean that all the times that I was blowing bubbles up until I was *cough* years old (4) that I was committing assault? (5)

Oh yeah, my funky chittlins, apparently blowing bubbles was considered assault by security forces at the G20 in Toronto this year.  (6 and 7)

Today's immersion in the news provided me with this ridiculous video clip...  *sigh*

Pretty sure his female co-worker (8)...didn't so much think she was being assaulted by the vile, revolting, nefarious wand waving, bubble blowing bandit.

Wow!  This guy was one wobbly step from serious padded room quality lunacy.  His kind of lunacy should absolutely be avoided in law enforcement.  Especially when upwards of $2 billion is being spent...some reviews of the chapters covering "common sense" in the universal law enforcement handbook should really be made a priority.

So, as my buddy Barney would say, "Nip It!  Nip It In The Bud!"

(1) - If I were the kinky sort this might actually be a fun job!  *wink*

(2) - GASP!

(3) -  Shuddap!  =-p

(4) - was sue me!  =-p

(5) - Awesome!  Hope the victim enjoyed it as much as I did.  

(6) - Yes I did just refer to my readers as pig intestine - SUCK IT UP PEOPLE!

(7) - Rather than "The Group of Twenty" (boooor-ing) G20 currently stands for, I propose it should hereby stand for "Gadzooks! 20"  Seriously how much more for fun would that be?? 

(8) - Who clearly started off thinking he was joking, and oh, by the way, she's like 1/8th his size and could probably still have handled her own shit, thank you very much!

Seriously, Nip IT!

Jewell  =)


Anonymous said...

I hereby suggest that the allegedely chemically-assaulted officer be forever referred to by his buds as "bubbles" to remind him of what a twinkie he is.

If I had a blog... said...

Wow...where do I begin.

1. That Police Officer was NOT Canadian...but rather some imported mutant.
2. Chittlins is not Canadian either...not sure if that was you reference...we prefer Hog Belly...just saying.
3. G-20 really should stand for "gone 20 miles in outer space to waste oxegen there"...for all the good it will do.
4. Well... I just seemed like there should be 4 things...sorry.

Be well,

CntryJewell said...

LOL really? An imported mutant? LOL too funny

Well, unless this is a Canadian thing you really should stick with the law of thirds. =) Just sayin' *snicker*