Monday, July 19, 2010

Mugshot Monday 7/19/10 here's the deal...this week = shot to hell - the hand basket!  *sigh*  Hence the start of "Mugshot Monday".

So, since I will be away from the computer much of the week this week (1), I decided that I would let you know that I am actually away (2) and so that this mugshot can be properly pondered...(3)

My one comment on this person:  Grace Jones would be terrified let alone an innocent child!  *shudder*

(1) - who the hell gets married on a THURSDAY outside in JULY!?! *growl*

(2) - so that you didn't think that Angie was "guarding" again!

(3) - or feared as tends to be my first response...

Here's hoping I hear hilarious fodder to regurgitate for y'all!  =)



Felinae said...

What in the Hell is that?

My first thought was OMG! it's that old Nosferatu character come to life. Then I said no it is Lord Voldemort; Then alien crossed my mind. I finally just settled on FUGLY.

Never once did woman cross my mind. I had to read it 2x to make sure it was really a woman!!

I had to LOL when you said Grace Jones would be frightened; That woman scares me. LOL!


CntryJewell said...

Unbelievable, yeah? I totally understand the lack of hair thing because of who/what she is, but makes for a creeeeeepy mugshot!

Fugly! lmao ... works for me! =)


If I had a blog... said...

That photo could be King Tut...if he were older...and a lesbian in a boy's body! Yikes...STOP SCARING ME!


CntryJewell said...