Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A girly moment...to be sure!

Ok...so here's the deal.  I grew up my entire life a tomboy...to the point where my BFF and I in HS had considered we should try out for the football team.  We talked about it seriously for the length of time it took us to finish our lunch trays and cartons of milk, and then conversation moved on to something more realistic (1).

In any case, the chances of me having a bona fide girly moment are uber few and far between.  Pink is the color of the devil, dresses should be saved for Chihuahuas, and bras....well bras should be used to strangle 99.99999999999999 % of the male population. (2)

So tonight was a between night, and a girly moment was birthed...complete with squeal and shit eating grin. (3)  The cause of this anomaly?  I have proof of an actual stalker (see the comments on this post)...one that's threatening me with his good eye and a good word.  I suggest the bad eye (4) and appreciate (beyond words) the word.

Please follow him...he's well worth the read....  If I Had A Blog.  I found him just recently, and this is the post that caused me to become one of his loyal stalkers.  =)

(1) - and probably infinitely more interesting to a teenage girl...something that a stupid guy did in last period.

(2) - or string them up by the ... eh - hmmm.  What?!  There are 2 cups ya know!!!  =-p

(3) - the resulting reaction from the husband him is that I had clearly grown a third head (yes a third - don't ask)

(4) - more likely to keep him as an actual reader if he can't ingest my posts that well

Truly (and temporarily) humbled!



Felinae said...

Oh no, you must consider me the spawn of Satan after having been to my blog LOL!


CntryJewell said...

LOL - you know as I was typing this up and hit that point I did think of you and had to chuckle! =) Lucky for you though I already told you that pink seems to fit you! =) hehe

Jewell =)

If I had a blog... said...

Well...thank you for the plug. I am flattered. At the risk of getting strung up, I will continue to check in and see what you have to say.

Be well.

CntryJewell said...

Ha! Well, just be sure to use your bad eye rather than the good one. ;-)