Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Oh * HELL * No!

If there is any question about why I don't fly anymore, here's a damned good reason if there were no others....
Maggots fall from flier's stowed bag

Crap...give me snakes on a plane any day of the week.  Heck, I'll even take the body-less heads that weren't properly marked in the cargo hold...but MAGGOTS?? *gag*

[Article Quote]  "As you might expect, a commotion ensued as affected passengers discovered what was going on."
Yeah!  Ya think?! I would have been the first to commotion my way over the ass of the cute Mrs Claus looking old lady or over top of the mother with the adorable toddler.  I swear I'm generally not the inconsiderate sort, but I'm pretty sure that this would have been an exception to every rule of manners that my mother tried to teach me.

[Article Quote]  "'The airline says spoiled meat in a suitcase is to blame for the mess,'"

Seriously?!  Rather than paying $99.95 for the bag of 3 peanuts you've decided to pack your own snack?  Or maybe instead of becoming a cliche like "the crazy cat lady" you are now aiming for something a little more hip, something a little more now, something new, something absolutely wild and crazy...maybe - "the brainless maggot momma"?  (1) time take a tip from Steve Martin - try the arrow through the head thingy.

Also, how out of it, as a society, are we that we are even out of touch with our own honkers?  The guy in seat 32B farts and the smell travels the length of the cabin at the speed of light.  Really, flight attendant person?  You walk around poking and stuffing the overhead bins and slamming the doors until they actually latch and YET you didn't SMELL something WEIRD?   Granted odd smells, not so much part of airplane terrorist training, but.....reeeeally??????   *sniff*  

(1) - for the record I don't know if the offending (and I mean OFFENDING) passenger to whom the luggage belonged was a woman or man....I'm just sayin'




Felinae said...

Thanks Jewell for giving me one more reason to never fly

That is just NAAAAAAAAAAASTY, Gross, Icky, Blah!

How did nobody smell this stuff? Yuk.

I am totally loving the blog, you are doing an excellent job!


If I had a blog said...

It's funny but if he/she had a bomb in thier underpants, it may have been found, but festering meat...nothing unusual...hmmmm.

Myself...if I am transporting rotten meat, I usually travel by bus...just saying.

Be well,